The ABC of ND

Welcome to the world of the differently wired

Tuesday 8th February 11:30 GMT

You might be someone in the EDI space, wanting to know more about neurodivergence.


You could be an HR professional wanting to make sure your company is doing all it can to attract and retain the best talent.


You’re a people manager looking to get the best out of your team and all their wonderful and different brain types.

You are not alone…

More and more companies are starting to realise that neurotypical workspaces are badly affecting for neurodiverse talent.

Our 60 minute workshop + 30 min Q&A is your introduction to NeuroDivergence.

Join us to find out how neuro-inclusion can positively impact on your organisation.

Because after all, you are in the business of unlocking the talent and potential neurodivergent people bring- and the significant benefits for all employees and your company’s bottom line.

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Did you know…

Looking after your neurodivergent people positively impacts your bottom line AND makes your organisation a nicer place to work- for everyone?

Workplace design, management, and structures often push neurodivergent people to the point of exhaustion, burnout, or resigning?

That at least 15% of your workforce are probably neurodivergent?

Surely you’d want to know the simple support interventions that reduce stress-related costs?

Wouldn’t it be a no-brainer to do the easy, cost-effective things to make your business a better place to be?

Especially if those ‘inclusion things’ actually benefited “normal” (neurotypical) staff as much as neurodivergent ones?

You need some of this…

Knowledge and tools to support neurodivergent people to be the best they can in their jobs.

Guidance for managers on how to get the most out of their neurodivergent employees.

Help with developing your recruitment strategies and policies that attract neurodivergent talent.

Expert input for your neurodivergent ED&I approach.


Who we are…

Neurodiverge is the brainchild of Sara J Kedge MBA and Sue J Mahony, Ph.D. We bring with us two lifetimes of lived neurodivergent experience and over two decades professional experience working with neurodivergent people.

We combined forces to create Neurodiverge after realising our shared passion for unleashing the massive untapped potential of neurodivergent employees. The near-perfect fit of our skillsets, and our matching middle names. (If you ask we will tell you what the “J” stands for)

Sara J Kedge MBA

Sara’s consultancy builds happy and effective business environments. Creating places that work for the people in them, which in turn helps achieve the company mission.  She enjoys shaping the minds of the next generation of business leaders, lecturing at Oxford Brookes University. On top of this she is massively Dyspraxic and ADHD. Oh, and she also keeps bees.

Sue J Mahony, Ph.D

Sue brings to the table 7 years of experience as a counsellor and consultant for people with high sensitivity, high intelligence, and neurodivergent traits. She is gifted and highly sensitive, with enough ADHD and AS traits to raise an eyebrow in the direction of diagnosis. She is deficient in the bee department, but happily has a piano and a small child to keep her busy.

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